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by: Abby Willowroot

Time is a great mystery, hidden within the ordinary. From the earliest human experiences, time has been a focal point of our thought and actions. Time is the mystery of things becoming and unbecoming. Shaman and mystics leap into the unknown streams of alternative time and bring back visions, prophecies, and secrets. It is within these realms of altered time that all mystical experiences occur.

Stonehenge, Chaco Canyon, the pyramids of Giza, Mystery Hill, Mayan pyramids, and ancient structures all over the world mark important times of the year for the people who built them.
We are just beginning to understand how amazingly sophisticated these structures are in computing the passage of time. Our calendars today measure our time just as the ancients measured their time. The Chinese, the Hopi, the Maya, the Aztec, western society, and others all have time and relating it to significant events, past and future. Some of the world's calendars are based Anthe Sun and some are based on the Moon. We all slip into the "stream of time" at our birth, and flow along within it for the rest of our lives. Our individual journeys are as unique as the ways we interact with time throughout our lives. Astrology is based on the exact time and place we enter the stream of time. Each point in the flow of time has its own properties, characteristics, challenges, and gifts.

Transcending time has always been the great dream of humanity. Ancient people called upon shaman,priestess, and priest to guide them through the mysteries of alternative time. Hindus and Buddhists speak of escaping the wheel of time's endless cycle of reincarnations. Christians,Jews, and Muslims speak of eternity, and many tribal religions speak of the ancestors and the time before. At the center of all religious and mystical experience is time.

Our thoughts and speech are filled with words relating to time. We speak of then, now, soon,when, later, tomorrow, today, yesterday, future, past, and never. We often talk about "a long
time ago" or sometime in the future," and about good times or bad times, running out of time and having enough time. There is no denying the human connection with matters of time.

We measure time by moments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades,centuries, millennia, eternity. With the passage of each, we sort, analyze, discard, or save.
Our holidays are all celebrations of a certain point in time. They mark our births or someone else's or the moment something great occurred. History, archeology, physics, geology,
cosmology, and astrology are all deeply concerned with time. It is as if our own internal clocks drive us to anchor time in the world around us in some concrete way. It is this need that drives our human obsession with time. Our connection with time is at the foundation of all we call sacred and magic.

Dusk and dawn are times of the day often referred to as being "between time." Many believe the fabric of ordinary time is stretched thin as these brief transition points between day and night.These are the hours that stir a sense of the eternal and timeless in all of us. It is as if we sense the coming and going of the Sun from our space and time prompts us to take some sort of sacred action. These mystical hours signal us to stop and experience our own eternal selves, the selves that live beyond the bounds of time. A sunrise touched our ancient ancestors as powerfully and profoundly as it touches us. The vibrant dimming or growing of the light as the Sun merges with the horizon inspires transcendent feelings. At these times, we most easily sense our own powers to move between ordinary and mystical time.

The Metaphysics of Time

Thousands of years ago the ancient Hindus looked deep into time and formed beliefs. The accuracy of some of these insights are being reaffirmed by modern physicists and cosmologists. "Deepfield" pictures from the Hubble telescope have thrown scientists into a quandary about what modern science believed was true about time. These deep-space pictures defy quantum physics' view of time. Now many leading scientists say time travel could be possible, and there is much speculation about parallel universes, eleven dimensions, and the multi verse.

Metaphysics and physics are dancing together, mingling ideas about time and space from both new theories and ancient beliefs. Unique theories of time have come from Plato, Socrates, Copernicus, Aristotle, Nostradamus, Einstein, Hawking, Godel, Kozyrev, Stienhardt, Turok, Lynds, and many others. Science is magic, an magic is science; in today's reality they are not very far apart, and yesterday's science fiction is becoming today's science fact.

Today, magical rituals and celebrations are held after creating a symbolic space. this ritual space is considered to be outside the stream of ordinary time and space. We all understand
instinctively that time is powerful, mystical, and can be transformed, yet few of us consciously practice working with alternative modes of time.

Can you work with time and alter it in your own life? You already do, although you may not be aware of it. We know that time can be manipulated and stretched, compressed, lengthened and
shortened--or at least our perception of it can be.

When you are excited, changes happen that affect time. Your heart races, your metabolism speeds up, colors brighten, sounds amplify, everything comes into clearer focus, and time slows down. that is because your perception of time is stretching and your brain has a chance to really notice these things.

When you are resting or sleeping, your metabolism slows down and time seems to speed up, passing more quickly. When we age, our metabolism slows down, and this is why the older we get the faster time seems to go. Young people experience faster time too; sometimes the hours of play speed by and you can't really account for how you spent them. This is not a fantasy; this is a fact of how time interacts with our minds and bodies. You feel there is less time, and you are right--there is less time.

Metaphysical time works in similar ways. A shaman or yogi can go into a trance state that alters his metabolism, speeding or slowing his experience of time, while people around him are still living in "ordinary time." Some claim that in a trance state they can slow time to the point where it moves backwards into the past, or speed it forward into the future. Others claim to be able to step into the stream of time at any point they desire.

Temporal Experiments

Experiment with time for yourself. Put paper, pen, and a clock on the floor. Sit down quietly and relax, slowing your breathing. Look at the clock and mark the time down on paper. Put the
clock behind you and don't look at it again till you think ten minutes have passed. Draw doodles, write your thoughts, or just sit there. Don't get excited or anxious, just be. When you think it has been ten minutes, look at the clock again and mark down the time.

Compare the times. How close did you come to the minutes? Is there a difference in the amount of time you spent doing the experiments? Are you surprised by the results? If this is your first conscious exercise in working with time shifting it may take a few tries to understand. Try again in a few days. Soon, with practice, you will be able to adjust your perception of time with your mind.

Mastering this simple skill will allow you to swim freely in the stream of time, changing it as needed. The magic of time is a journey worth exploring.
Posted on Fri Feb 29, 2008 4:21 pm by ShadowHag
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