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Nexus of the Soul

Copyright Danielle Lee 2008 All Rights Reserved

Resplendent tendrils of the everlasting soul entwine and mesh with the aura of another, morphing and creating the dance of souls uniting into one. The effervescent flow between each of the auras transcend all rhythms and comprehensions. Latching onto to one another with a perpetual bond of love, the strands of energy lock lovingly forever, blending and bonding to create a harmonious symbiosis of bliss.
Every individual, entity and item on this plane of existence carries with them a permanent imprint of energy. Surrounding their delicate and fragile molecular cohesion, a dense and permanent glow of existence resides. Affected by various energy environments, this rainbow of potential colors forms the illuminating and energetic shield known as your aura.
Whether falling in love or attaching one’s interest to a cherished item, the aura reaches it’s ethereal grasp to mesh flawlessly with the chosen suitor. As time goes on, the essence of both bodies become stronger and more cemented together. Entangling their auras with love, therefore creating an invisible nexus and fusion.
Envision the auras as clouds merging with one another in the sky, the seams dissipate and the two become one. Though the original clouds still exist, they have flawlessly integrated their fluidity. Human auras react in the same fashion. Our soulful emanation melds with other souls to create a unification called love.
Humans can also attach their aura to places and items, but the intensity relayed from the place or item is far less dramatic than that of a living being. Reciprocation of this energy is essential for a permanent and tremendously satisfying bond.
Infatuation or obsession can occur when someone who desires the blending does not receive the reciprocation of the feelings of love and is denied in the attempt. This denial can result in the lacking individual to develop possessive behavior. The pursuer is that of an energy vampire, attempting to drain the essence by force or manipulation. The less the victim gives, the more energy the obsessive person desires to obtain. Usually due to many factors such as a traumatic, affection neglected childhood or mental disorder, the obsessive personality craves the attention and rewards of merging auras with another. When denied, the pursuer can become violent, irrational and more determined, potentially turning them into stalkers.
The best way to deal with these individuals is to ignore and continue to deny them any energy, positive or negative. Eventually their subconscious realizes that they are getting nowhere and will look elsewhere.
Some individuals with dysfunctional or depleted auras with behave with derogatory and demeaning natures towards others. These people feel the need to steal others’ positive ambiance to increase the power of their own. By constantly belittling and bullying others, they infiltrate the energy of their targets, temporarily and artificially restoring their own. Toxic individuals, such as complainers and people with negative attitudes, fall under the same category.
This unnatural act of energy thievery causes a continuous roller coaster of opposing energies for the aura pirate. They must learn to repair their own aura from within, not by stealing from innocent bystanders for their temporary fix. Simply avoiding these individuals and recognizing their attempts nullifies the embezzlement.
A constant healthy and vibrant aura is obtained by those who remain in balance with mind, body and soul. Pure and healthy auras tend to surround individuals who practice meditation, yoga and various self rewarding activities. Usually they are those who eat healthy and mind their body. Creating a balance within and without is the key to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Maintaining awareness and mindfulness of the energy field can keep the aura in perfect condition, warding off physical and mental illnesses as well as the bombardment of negative energies.
When healthy auras merge, the result is that of ethereal bliss. Finding mutual love and acceptance is one of the most rewarding and glorious occasions for your soul to experience. The constant loving ache for one another is but a glimpse into the gates of heaven itself. The joys and blissful conditions that the bonds create can last until eternity. Love extends far beyond the grasp of lovers. It can reach the far corners of the earth, providing positive energy to those in need in the form of prayer. The adhesive of love between parent and child is like no other glue imaginable.
If only we understood the power and magnitude of this precious positive energy, we might then begin to manifest the world that we all truly desire.
When the death, divorce or physical separation occur, the ethereal bonds are literally torn at the seams, causing a tear or temporary hole to form. These painful and traumatic instances can leave a person incapacitated with despair and the unbearable experience of emptiness and a baron soul.
Picture coating both of your hands with honey, imagine pressing your hands together as in prayer. If you slowly pull your hands apart, you can see the strands of gold begin to separate, yet resist against the detachment. They cling gracefully to one another and the further apart your hands go, the less resistant the bond. When done slowly and less traumatically, the tendrils of honey seem to separate more easily and effortlessly.
If you were to forcefully and quickly sever the communion of your hands, you’d see the areas on your palms where the honey literally was torn from your grasp. Large holes are left, precariously ripped and forcefully divided from it’s source of cohesion.
Your soul and aura are the same, when death, divorce or distance is forecasted and presumed, the ties that have bound the souls as one have time to unwind their delicate ringlet of energy and heal more slowly.
When tragedy and shock rip the fragile and breakable covenant, the result is that of shear and excruciating pain from the very core of the soul. While it can repair in it’s time on earth, the earthbound soul may never seal the wounds that these sorrows can bestow.
It is my intention to provide soulful knowledge so that the masses who are bombarded daily with negativity, hardship and grief may arm themselves with the comfort, kindness and love that is embedded within the united energy of the souls.

The Spirit Guide
Posted on Sat Jun 21, 2008 6:45 am by ShadowHag
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