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Shout Box History
Witchy: Hmmm...ankle deep dust, wall to wall cobwebsd, non-stop echoes...yup, this site is deserted. Perfect for running drugs and selling porn by the pound....set er up, boys!
26-11-2014 2:27:pm
Witchy: freezing cold, no power so no heat or light in the house...no way to cook or make coffee best give back my spring weather!!
13-11-2014 8:51:am
ShadowHag: Hey, we had some huge storms passing over us today. Hail, blackouts and all! It's pretty warm here too. Poor Witchy, freezing her tushy over there
06-11-2014 3:57:am
Witchy: if it's spring, why is it so cold and wet?
06-11-2014 2:46:am
MysticalFirebird: spring is popping out all over the place!!!
04-11-2014 11:30:pm
ShadowHag: Oh, one more thing. This Thursday, is the last waxing moon Thursday this month. Remember to recharge your Jupiter Talisman!
03-11-2014 3:18:pm
ShadowHag: This Friday - Full Moon. Time for some serious witching!
03-11-2014 3:16:pm
ShadowHag: what the heck!?
03-11-2014 3:06:pm
ShadowHag: TWEET https://twitter.com/W itchesHotline
03-11-2014 3:05:pm
ShadowHag: Where do you go for quick little tweets? Twitter of course! Join Witches Hotline on Twitter https://twitter.com/W itchesHotline
03-11-2014 3:01:pm
ShadowHag: Happy Halloween to all our friends from Northern Hemisphere! Have fun and stay safe
31-10-2014 7:47:am
ShadowHag: Tomorrow begins the Mercury retrograde, which can mean everything will seem out of whack... Check a few tips for this predicament on our General Discussion Forum and remember never to forfeit fun! [URL]
02-10-2014 1:21:pm
sandie: hello i am new my nameis sandie
17-09-2014 4:53:am
ShadowHag: Friday... spells for love, friendships, affection, partnerships, money, sex... Moon is waxing... Good times to BRING IT ON my darlings!
28-08-2014 5:44:pm
ShadowHag: I have a wish too I have to wait to wish it, though...
17-08-2014 9:01:pm
Witchy: I wish I could afford a visit down under
13-08-2014 7:58:am
Witchy: I wish ... I wish
13-08-2014 7:57:am
ShadowHag: It's time to cast your wishing spells my darlings!
27-07-2014 9:44:pm
ShadowHag: you know you will always be welcome here
11-05-2014 4:30:pm
Witchy: If I run away from home, I'm moving in with YOU!
05-05-2014 4:11:am
ShadowHag: Beltaine is just around the corner for our Norther Hemisphere Witches and, of course, we here in Australia are in the midsts of autumn, so Samhain for us! Posted a couple of awesome recipes for you guys to enjoy
27-04-2014 3:49:am
ShadowHag: rofl! there is a place for everyone!
25-04-2014 6:18:pm
Witchy: and, it's open season on idiots, morons and jerks...
25-04-2014 4:40:pm
bobby: [censored] bobby eats [censored]
25-04-2014 8:56:am
25-04-2014 8:55:am
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