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Shout Box History
ShadowHag: *sigh of relief* thank you Witchy!
17-04-2014 8:31:pm
Witchy: she's fine, didn't get hit by the cyclone,and other than the overflow flooding the driveway, things are good
14-04-2014 2:01:pm
ShadowHag: How is Mystical Firebird? Is she OK? News please! We worry over here!
13-04-2014 8:14:pm
Witchy: That's because the broom hates the rain, but the umbrella is the one who spoke up.
13-04-2014 11:01:am
ShadowHag: lol my brrom is in my room; it doesn't like the ambrella... I wonder why?
09-04-2014 7:54:am
Witchy: You'd find the brolly fast enough if you'd remember to store it with your broom!!
07-04-2014 6:57:pm
ShadowHag: Soooo, now that wet season is well and over with WE have downpours. It's raining, raining, ooo baby it's raining, raining. Now where is my umbrella ella... ella... ella... o o o
26-03-2014 3:21:am
ShadowHag: Hey guys! if you are in need of some incense sticks or resin for your spells, don't forget to check out WH's shop. We have a few nice smelling and useful ones there. Here is the link [URL] or just click on the advertisemnt link on home page and go to the Aromatherapy section. Have fun browsing!
26-03-2014 3:18:am
ShadowHag: Oh, the link: [URL] and besides that, the home page has advert to our witchy shop. Check it out
17-03-2014 7:17:pm
ShadowHag: Just added some more useful stuff to the shop. Namely: mojo bags. Yes, I never had one when I needed one. I think most of us witches are like that. So, I did something about it and hope to be of assistance to all our witches over here.
17-03-2014 7:15:pm
ShadowHag: Was bitching about my old car until I saw today brand nw (or alost) suv that refused to start up. I love my Subi
10-03-2014 9:54:pm
ShadowHag: heeheehee! She sings nice songs sometimes...
07-03-2014 9:28:am
Witchy: who is Rhianna??? And, what does that have to do with Lamb Chop???
04-03-2014 4:25:pm
ShadowHag: lol I like Rhianna's songs even if I don't like her
02-03-2014 12:14:am
Witchy: You don't know Lamb Chop???You are so deprived!!
26-02-2014 1:50:pm
ShadowHag: Lamb Chop? lol
25-02-2014 4:44:am
Witchy: Lamb Chop is singing in the back of my brain again...this is the song that never ends!!!
23-02-2014 5:10:pm
ShadowHag: Hello Stia Missed ya
23-02-2014 4:27:am
Stia: *waves* Hello!
21-02-2014 11:11:am
ShadowHag: Yes! We are getting some water!
21-02-2014 12:17:am
ShadowHag: was walking with my pendulum otdoors today. It was going crazy. No idea why. Something is afoot...
20-02-2014 5:13:am
ShadowHag: Don't you just hate when someone's religion or beliefs are blamed for their deeds? As soon as someone told me that "God made them do this", or something in those lines, I would send them to jail to bloody repent with butch McDick as their room mate. Criminal is a criminal, s'he would do it regardless what path they follow
20-02-2014 5:11:am
ShadowHag: This summer just does not want to end...
20-02-2014 5:07:am
ShadowHag: We have some new stuff added to the shop. Figa Hand charm is one of them. Check it out: [URL]
18-02-2014 10:05:pm
Juliet9312: I am in need of advice from an experienced....witch please contact me asap thank you
25-07-2013 3:16:am
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